Frequently asked questions

  • How does Drink Care™ work?
  • 14-ingredients supplement benefits body by replenishing alcohol depleted vitamins. Drink Care™ provides long term support with its mix of antioxidants, amino acids, and Therapeutic Botanicals Blend. Included antioxidants neutralize free radicals; amino acids such as NAC helps process alcohol induced toxins; and botanicals such as Tea Extract support healthy liver function & Willow Bark Ext. pain relief.

  • What is the suggested dosage and method for taking Drink Care™?
  • Take 1 sachet daily with big glass of water. We recommend repeating in morning for hangover relief.

  • Does Drink Care™ is safe?
  • Yes. Drink Care™ is an all-natural dietary supplement and meets the strict safety standards. The manufacturing is done with GMP guidlines.

  • Are there any side effects from taking Drink Care™?
  • There are no side effects or health risks. It is formulated and thoroughly evaluated by healthcare experts, dieticians and researchers.

  • Does Drink Care™ come with a money back guarantee?
  • Yes! If you take DrinkCare for a couple of weeks and does not feel healthier, please feel free to contact us for refund.

Drink Care™ as Supplement Daily?

Drink Care™ is healthy body maintenance supplement. It builds up body defenses and immunity. Taking Drink Care™ during abstinenece (not drinking) builds nutritional strength thus enhances body efficiency in avoiding negative side-effects of alcohol when drinking. Moreover Drink Care™ health effects are paramount and equally effective to healthy individual.