What is Drink Care™?

Drink Care™ is daily supplement for healthy people who like to have alcohol. Drink Care™ contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and our proprietary therapeutic Botanicals Blend. Drink Care™ is designed specifically to replenish nutrients, support healthy liver function and help body process alcohol induced toxins. Drink Care™ taken before bed prevents hangover naturally and results healthy fresh mornings.

Drink Care™ Blend

VITAMINS - Drink Care™ includes vitamins that replenish nutrients depleted by alcohol. Supplemented Vitamin C supports immune system function and Vit. B-Complex aids metabolism and maintains energy.

AMINO ACIDS - Drink Care™ includes Amino Acids that help body process and eliminate alcohol induced toxins. Amino Acids play a crucial role in the body's biochemistry. Our body needs them to function normally, but drinking causeS a drain on the body's fund of free form Amino Acids.

THERAPEUTIC BOTANICALS - Drink Care™ includes mix of therapeutic botanical extracts. Specific Extract to help support healthy liver function, Willow Bark Extract for safe/effective pain relief and Ashwagandha Extract for antistress - adaptogenic properties. Menthol is included for its oral disinfectant and stomach calming effects.

Action Mechanism:

  • Vitamin C to support immune system function.
  • Amino acids to help process alcohol induced toxins.
  • Vitamin B9 and Ashwagandha to reduce aging effect.
  • Vitamin B-Complex to aid metabolism and maintain energy.
  • Botanicals blend to support liver health and to achieve pain & anxiety relief.
  • Alanine maintain body energy supplies & manages alcohol generated obesity.